The Business Growth Methodology

At Integral Operations, we believe that Revenue, Operations, People, and Technology are fundamental building blocks to grow a successful business at scale. In each part of our Business Growth Methodology we help our clients jump-start their growth by progressing through each phase, providing them with the necessary tools for sustained performance on the journey ahead.

Need to accelerate your business in one particular area? Each of our engagements are customized to our clients' needs.

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Four Steps for Business Growth

At Integral Operations, we have found that businesses achieve accelerated growth through increased revenue, efficiency in operations, and ultimately net profits by following a four step process.

Business Growth Model

STEP 1: Revenue Strategy
Refresh your business' product and services road map and the investments required to support it. Model your price positioning and structuring combined with marketing strategy to drive the right demand. Finally, convert that market demand into accelerated revenue growth through sales strategy and process design.

STEP 2: Operational Strategy
Create a connected hierarchy of capabilities required to support your product and services vision. Map these capabilities to the Core Processes of your business, detailing the individual functions in your organization required to support them. Define clear accountability down to the individual level throughout your organization, both at the process and function level.

STEP 3: People Strategy
Determine the best combinations of management systems required to support your revenue and operational requirements. These systems should focus on master-level team dynamics, business communications, cultural development, and people selection.

STEP 4: Technology Strategy
Grow your business improvements from Steps 1-3 at scale with the right technology strategy. Rigorously cleanse, align, and synchronize your data warehouses to secure a single source of truth for your business. Build a road map for your business' information systems, customized to reflect every business process, workflow, and communication stream. Lastly, deploy real-time, actionable, and user-friendly reporting and analytics customized to each business unit for true business telemetry.