Revenue Strategy

Revenue is the lifeblood of every successful organization. At Integral Operations, we guide our clients through an iterative, time-bound 4 step process focusing on product, pricing, marketing, and sales strategies.

Data Science and Market Resarch

STEP 1: Foundations


The Foundations are a critical part of success, whether engaging with IO for all or part of accelerating your Revenue Strategy. We begin with in depth market research, account segmentation and prioritization, and buyer identification and segmentation.

Market Analysis
Begin with an in-depth, science-driven understanding of your market.

Account Analysis
Target accounts that have a higher probability to spend more with greater longevity, improving your CLV:CAC ratio.

Buyer Analysis
Identify specific buyers and their personas within each market and account segment.

Once armed with scientific analysis, creating a winning Product Strategy is the foundation to any winning Revenue Strategy. In Product Strategy, we help our clients create a winning value proposition and competitive advantage, build scalable process to manage the product life cycle, and plan for short and long term product iterations and pricing alignment. 

  1. Competitive Advantage Planning
  2. Product Life Cycle Management
  3. Product Planning


Marketing Strategy

STEP 3: Marketing Strategy


When creating a holistic marketing strategy at IO, we begin with planning and positioning your brand - in alignment with your short and long term product strategy. We know that without a well-oiled marketing machine, sales people starve from a lack of leads, every customer presentation has different messaging, and leads yield little ROI. With IO Marketing Strategy, we guide our clients through a thorough process that brings each of their teams together in lock step - from top of funnel to customer satisfaction.

  1. Brand Strategy and Positioning
  2. Content and Enablement
  3. People Resource Planning
  4. People Selection Strategy
  5. Campaign Planning and Execution
  6. Operational Excellence
Sales Strategy

STEP 4: Sales Strategy


  1. Organizational Design
  2. People Selection Strategy
  3. Territory Alignment
  4. Account Selection
  5. Sales Process Design
  6. Prospecting Playbook
  7. Compensation Analysis and Design
  8. Quota Analysis and Design
  9. Pipeline and Forecast Management
  10. Reporting and Analytics Life Cycle
  11. Sales Enablement Life Cycle
  12. Sales Enablement Software Planning and Implementation
Customer Success

STEP 5: Customer Success

  1. Customer Life Cycle Mapping
  2. Customer Onboarding Process
  3. Voice of Customer Management
  4. Customer Loyalty Program Design
  5. Organizational Design
  6. People Selection Strategy